Behind the Beans

The secret to our success? We roast all our coffee beans in-house, producing the freshest and best-tasting coffee in the country. A lot of the competition claim to do so but do they roast for themselves daily? Not likely! We broker green beans from all over the globe and uphold fair trade with all of our coffee farmers. We have continuously perfected our unique blend which we serve daily in store.

We also offer a range of delicious, healthy and organic foods. Our cafés are ideal for an extended cosy chat with friends or a solo getaway from the hustle and bustle.

Award Winning Coffee Blends

Our Continued Success

Twenty-five years on we contribute the growth of the company to our tremendous staff and loyal customers who value and appreciate freshly roasted coffee.

Our coffee has won the prestigious Blas na heireann award three times over the past eight years. Mocha Beans stands unquiely for being the only coffee roasting house in Ireland.

Our customers can now enjoy the Mocha Beans Difference from the comfort of their own home and avail of top of the range home brewery equiptment for coffee brewing excellence through our online store.

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Buy our Award Winning Coffee

Now you can enjoy the taste of our freshy roasted award-winning coffee from your home by ordering your favourite Mocha Beans coffee blends online.