Ethiopia Kebele Guji Washed


Floral and fruity washed Ethiopian coffee. A bouquet of red berries is followed by jasmine and sweet peach flavours.

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This coffee is grown by smallholders in 2 villages in Kebele Guracho. The wet mill have improved quality through careful processing of the coffee beans and at the same time trying to improve farming practices of the local growers. There are about 4000 people living in the two villages, where most of the families grow around 1 hectare of coffee each. Growing conditions are very favourable in the region and this mill already produces exceptional coffees that are fruity and well balanced.

All coffee is collected from the farmers at the receiving station, where they rinse and separate beans for any impurities. After that they are pulped, fermented for about 36 hours and mucilage residues cleaned in washing channels. Coffees in parchment are then spread on raised beds and dried over 12-20 days. Water for this washing process comes from local river Gambella. Dry parchment coffee is then stored for about 2 months in Addis Ababa warehouse to rest before the milling and exportation.

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Weight 250 g



1900-2150 m